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Exhibition date

July 23 - August 3, 2021

MADS art gallery artist's website

Exhibition in an art gallery in Milan

The exhibition in Milan was something completely new for me! However, whoever does not risk does not drink champagne. As an artist, I know that modern art, the more abstract, is one of the greatest works of polemics and criticism. At the moment when the curator from the gallery contacted me, saying that she was impressed by my work and she wanted to invite me to an art exhibition entitled Paraiso. I was speechless. This is one of the best galleries on  highly appreciated in the world, additionally characterized by a departure from the proformous picture hanging on the wall and replacement with the innovation of the 21st century. 

An exhibition in Milan with three paintings

Silver moon

Color transitions 

Best laid shemes

Anna Emilia Misiak

For the international exhibition “Paraíso” at the MADS Art Gallery Anna Emilia Misiak exposes three works with a strong structural and coloristic value: through “Best Laid Shemes”, “Color Transitions” and “Silver Moon” the artist's vision and aesthetic conception clearly emerge . She transforms objective nature and the surrounding reality in her personal poetic and acute artistic sensitivity. There is a dynamic evolution in her paintings: it manifests itself through the innate perspective relief, the vivid color, the vibrant light and the immediacy of visual perception. Relative objectivity coincides with absolute subjectivity, highlighting details and tonalities in a universal ethos of perceptual sensations and an infinite range of color gradations. She succeeds in creating a path that starts from that unique relationship between the painter and her work, with the aim of discovering and emphasizing the structure of the matter, making it a tangible artwork. By calculating the compositional balance, she tries try to make the characteristics of the surface shine as much as possible. Her interest is not based on geometrical shapes to be represented, but she focuses on the diversification and the use of different elements to display a complete work, especially in terms of texture and color, trying to safeguard the overall harmony of the image. By improvising on the wave of emotions with an unparalleled spontaneity, Anna Emilia allows the pictorial matter to become the true protagonist on each canvas. Passions, tensions and sensations emerge in a completely spontaneous way, outside any preconceived scheme: as if the artist manages to express with their own message the textures, the tonal nuances and the consistency of the material on the artwork. It is a kind of art which is driven by an expressiveness and an immediate gesture that goes beyond the traditional conception of painting. The experimentation with this material is dynamic, and it proves to be a powerful means to develop an abstract and “informal” aesthetic, in order to represent a strong expressiveness, as well as the feelings and impressions triggered in the viewer. Moreover, this process helps the viewer to freely interpret the artwork, becoming part of the artist's creative process. Through this methodology, Anna Emilia Misiak probes the energetic and evocative potential of natural matter, completely autonomous, making
it emerge from its support: it becomes the bearer of communication and meaning, as well as representative and expressive effectiveness. The viewer is invited to take a journey into his / her own introspection and deepest emotions.

Art Curator Alessia Perone

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