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Galeria sztuki

New York

Concert / exhibition date:

                       August 1, 2021

Concert / exhibition title:

                        Harmonics of Color


                       New York, Manhattan 

Musical composition and the artist's canvas

On August 1, 2021 in New York, Manhattan, there was a concert by Margin Alexander entitled Harmonics of Color with the participation of invited artists from around the world. My name was included in the forefront of the invited guests!


The whole concert was combined with an exhibition of works of art that reflected the musical accompaniment of the author. The musician's approach to the author of the painted work was an ideal spectacle of this before the taking. It was a kind of bond between the love of purely visual art and the audible one. The entire performance can be seen below this text.

Alexander Margin - zdjęcie autora z instagrama.jpg
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