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Critical Essay by
Salvatore Russo

Yelled confessions. Will of the soul. Whispers of the psyche. These are the main characteristics of a painting whose greatest interpreter is Anna Emilia Misiak. Her works require continuous visual research: they are observed from afar and up close until the totality of the aspects come together in a single contemplative mélange of which one can never be satisfied.


The artist finds the courage to live firsthand the experiences placed in the collective unconscious and to resurrect them through the vision of his works in front of which one cannot avoid stopping to draw a visual and spiritual enrichment that makes us grow, as normal spectators to skilled investigators of living. In an art world where paradox becomes the rule and never the exception. In an art world in which the spectacularization of narration is increasingly sought, Misiak's works arrive like rainbows in the night. A painting with an authentic flavour. A poetic tale which, through a language of sweet melodies, manages to conquer the soul of the observer.


Observing a painting by Anna Emilia almost becomes a spiritual journey. A unique experience, in which to let yourself go completely, and then immerse yourself in a new dreamlike reality. The works become memories and are transformed into what the artist wants to see.


Through an essential sign, the artist succeeds in the difficult task of communicating the unknown. An unknown that you bring to the knowledge of the bystander through its shapes and colors. The artist elaborates his own sign and chromatic geometry. New visual architectures make their appearance and thus fascinate the gaze of the onlooker, who can do nothing but admire the painting of this excellent interpreter of contemporary art with admiration.


Beyond therefore, the realities hidden by the psyche. Beyond the trivially known, the saying on canvas was born by an artist who is treading the most important stages of art. Linguistic power. Creative energy. Dynamism of a sign that is never static. These are the essential characteristics of her painting.

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